Administrative Core

  • D. Wade Clapp, MD, Co-Core Director (Indiana University School of Medicine)
  • Kevin Shannon, MD, Co-Core Director (University of California, San Francisco)
  • Chi Zhang, PhD, Co-Investigator and Bioinformatics Data Integration Leader (Indiana University School of Medicine)

The Administrative Core coordinates research within the SPORE and oversight by the program’s advisory boards. SPORE components include the four translational research projects summarized above as well as a Developmental Research Program (DRP), a Career Enhancement Program (CEP), and specialized core resources (Biospecimen/Pathology Core and Omics Core). Members of the External and Internal Advisory Boards are listed in the Figure.

Omics Core

  • Yunlong Liu, PhD, Core Director (Indiana University School of Medicine)
  • Steve Angus, PhD, Co-Investigator (Indiana University School of Medicine)

The Omics Core will advance the scientific goals of Projects 1-4 by providing proteomic and genomic platforms for performing RNAseq, single cell sequencing, and whole exome sequencing analysis combined with comprehensive kinome activation measurements. This core will be led and coordinated by Dr. Yunlong Liu (IU). Dr. Lui is Director of the Indiana University School of Medicine Center for Medical Genomics. This core is a CTSI-designated core for high-throughput sequencing, single-cell analytics, microarray and genotyping services and will provided a comprehensive infrastructure for the four SPORE projects by providing state-of-the-art services for exome and transcriptome (RNA) sequencing. The Omics Core will also provide additional innovative chemical proteomics methods that allow assay en masse of the activation state of 75-80% of the expressed kinome in tumor cells. The Administrative Core, coordinated by the IU Biostatistician and bioinformaticist Dr. Zhang, will have primary responsibility for performing biostatistical and bioinformatic analyses.

Biospecimen/Pathology Core

  • Tatiana M. Foroud, PhD, Co-Core Director, Biospecimen (Indiana University School of Medicine)
  • Andrew E. Horvai, MD, PhD, Co-Core Director, Pathology (University of California, San Francisco)
  • Scott Kogan, MD, Co-Core Director, Pathology (University of California, San Francisco)

The Biospecimen/Pathology Core brings together a team with expertise in pathology and sample banking. This core will be co-led by Drs. Tatiana Foroud (IU), Andrew Horvai (UCSF), and Scott Kogan (UCSF).

A key function of the Biospecimen/Pathology Core will be to serve as the central site to track and store samples and pathological data from the human and mouse biospecimens collected as part of the four SPORE projects. This core will perform pathological review of all samples and will make these data available to SPORE investigators and the broader research community. The biospecimens will be banked in this core and then distributed to the Omics Core for deep molecular analysis. In addition, the Biospecimen/Pathology Core will maintain an electronic catalog which will link the specimens and tissue to the pathological reports as well as data generated in the projects for each study subject. The project investigators will use this electronic catalog to select the samples needed for analyses.