The goal of this DHART SPORE (Developmental and HyperActive Ras Tumor Specialized Programs of Research Excellence) is to implement more effective therapeutic strategies for tumors arising in patients with NF1 by performing collaborative translational research. These studies also address the fundamental problem of hyperactive Ras signaling in cancer. Here we introduce the four research projects and three core components of this SPORE. Innovative aspects of the DHART SPORE include:

  1. a focus on advancing the science and care of patients with orphan diseases;

  2. a strong emphasis on tumors arising in children, adolescents, and young adults;

  3. studies of diverse tumor types that share a common driver mutation; and,

  4. an investigative team drawn from 9 leading research centers across the nation.

Research Components and Interactions within the Developmental and HyperActive Ras Tumor (DHART) SPORE.